I have such good intentions.  For instance, I told myself way back in April that I should defrost the freezer BEFORE this year’s garden produce is ready to store. One of those jobs that always seemed to be not that urgent. But – the freezer is tucked away in a dark corner – and it is one of those jobs…

This morning the inevitable happened and I could not close the freezer lid. Now I am going to need blankets and fleeces to keep the contents cold whilst I chip away all the excess ice – after which I will need to wash the blankets… etc. etc. My Nain always claimed that it was  ‘Lazy people who work the hardest’.  And she was right – dammit.

It is not a lack of will. I really would love to be more organised. But this is more a lack or memory, along with the deadline thing…

I have always worked best to deadlines. The shorter the better.  Give me that adrenalin rush that comes of knowing there is less than a week to go? And I will get  things done.

Yes, there is an inevitable degree of midnight-oil-burning and several gallons of industrial strength coffee will be involved – and you are advised to keep small animals and children well clear of the danger zone – but I get it done.  Love a good deadline, me!

And now?  To the freezer!


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