Alchemy Press Fantasycon 2014 Schedule

Our schedule for Fantasycon 2014 is growing by stealth! 

The Alchemy Press will, of course, have a table in the dealers room where you will be able to buy all our available titles. In addition to that we shall be flitting about the Con in a variety of guises!

On Friday 5th Peter Coleborn – (Alchemy Press Editor-in-Chief) will be on a panel at
4 pm pm titled  ‘Rejectamentalist Manifesto’

Jenny Barber has a panel at 5,00pm with ‘When Fiction Goes Digital’

Both Peter, Mike and Jan will be taking part in the Joel Lane tribute at 6 pm


On Saturday Jan  Edwards has a reading slot timed for 10.00 am.  (NOT 6.40 as per fcon schedule!)  No firm ideas as yet on what  shall be read as yet, but most likely something from the upcoming supernatural collection Leinster Gardens and Other Subtleties.

Then at 2.00pm  we shall have the magnificent Alchemy Press party launching no less than five new titles. For full details on titles go to The Alchemy Press.

Titles for launch (in no particular order).  (Many of our authors will be there to sign copies!)

urban mythic 2 final coverThe Alchemy Press Book of Urban Mythic 2 – edited by Jan Edwards and Jenny Barber and including fiction by: Tanith Lee, K T Davies , Adrian Tchaikovsky, James Brogden, Sarah Ash, Pauline E Dungate, Carl Barker, Marion Pitman, Chico Kidd, Christine Morgan, Andrew Coulthard, Lou Morgan, plus a fabulous cover by the glorious Edward Miller (alias Les Edwards).


ph3The Alchemy Press Book of Pulp Heroes 3 – edited by Mike Chinn, with fiction from Gary Budgen, Kim Newman, Rod Rees, Iain Grant, Paul Starkey, Evan Dicken, Amberle L Husbands, Tony Richards, Jay Eales, Emma Hinge, Bracken MacLeod, Ralph Sevush, cover art by Bob Covington.


df637-kneelinginthesilverlight2Kneeling in the Silver Light – edited by Dean Drinkel, including the poetry of Rupert Brooke plus fiction Christopher Fowler, Mary Pletsch, Peter Mark May, Nancy Hayden, Thomas Strømsholt, Amberle L. Husbands, Mike Chinn, David Thomas, David Jón Fuller, Christine Morgan, Daniel I. Russell, Rima Devereaux, Bryn Fortey, Paul Woodward, Anthony Hanks, Shaun A.J. Hamilton, Emile-Louis Tomas Jouvet, Allen Ashley and cover art by Chris Rawlins

1001592_701483779874272_1019161823_nA very special signed and limited (60 copies only) hard cover edition of Merry-Go-Round and Other Words by Bryn Fortey with introduction by Johnny Mains and cover art by Peter Coleborn.



nick nightmare frontAlso lined up for this event is an equally special hard cover signed and limited edition of Nick Nightmare Investigates by Adrian Cole, (with an extra story co-written with Mike Chinn starring his ace P.I. Damian Paladin) Cover art by Bob Eggleton, Interior art by Jim Pitts. Co-published with Airgedlámh Publications.


And the ever lovely Mike Chinn will be on the “Comics on the small screen.  at 7 pm.


(We also have the BFAs to sit through whilst we chew fingernails to the elbow with 3 nominations – but not tempting fate too much on that score!)

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