Village Society Preservation

Peter and I went to a village fair just two miles from us yesterday. We had no idea it was happening until Josh told us that his Viking troup were fighting and we went primarily to support a fellow Renegade Writer.josh

And it was fun.We met up with other renegades Mick and Brenda, and bumped into a few neighbours in the crowd, which made us feel very much a part of the crowd. The only disappointment was the non-appearance of the  low level flypast by a Dakota – advertised to take place at 2.50  and which had not occurred by 3.50 when we eventually left.  Whether it eventually turned up I do not know. I can only assume it got stuck in traffic 🙂

Back to what we did see: classic cars, steam engines (though not traction engines, alas) a small car boot sale (at which we bought a Finland Arabia plate for just £2!), BBQ, flower stalls, dog show, plus the usual tombolas etc.  (I would rail against the dominance of tombolas over all the old fete stalls of yesteryear – but I did win a bottle of wine…)

At first I was reminded of the Kinks song Village Preservations Society, which nostalgically recalls the apparent passing of that golden era… and it occurred to me that the song/album was penned in 1968 – almost half a century ago – yet, if yesterday was anything to go by the English Village is far from dead.




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