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On Rewrites

sussex talesToday I am guest-blogging for the ‘Authors Electric Collective’ on the rewriting and rebranding of my upcoming book Sussex Tales! Continue reading


ToC for Wicked Women!

Aunty-Fox-72ppiIt is here at last.  After slaving over a hot slush pile for weeks and months we can announce the ToC  for Wicked Women : Edited by Jan Edwards and Jenny Barber.

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Down To The Last Slice

breadI heard a comment about the names people have for the end slice of a loaf. An inane sort of topic one might think. Continue reading

Prelim cover for Alchemy Press Book of Urban Mythic 2

Here it is!  The prelim cover for Urban Mythic 2!
Stunning art work by Edward Miller!

um2 b

(Text subject to change in final version)

ToC for The Alchemy Press anthology Kneeling in the Silver Light

df637-kneelinginthesilverlight2An excellent ToC for The Alchemy Press anthology Kneeling in the Silver Light (ed. Dean M Drinkel) has been announced. To be launched  6th Sept at Fantasycon 2014 Continue reading


Off to Edge Lit tomorrow and I have  two panels to prepare for. Continue reading

Don’t quit your day job

Today I am also guest blogging over at the Renegade Writers’ wordpress site