Getting Plastered.

Hard to imagine that is news, but for me its a huge thing.

I mean its all about walls. They are big. Really big.

And we have just had a wall re-plastered. Well – two walls to be precise – and it feels good!

The saga began when roof in the section over our bedroom began to leak. Easy to get fixed you might think, but no, not here in the Moorlands, in the land of eternal apathy, it took over six months of hair-tearing phone calls to get a builder – any damned builder! – to come out and fix it.  Phone call after phone call not returned. Appointment after appointment made and not kept. And when they do turn up, getting the promised quote never arrives…

It really is like raising the dead. In fact seeing some of the specimens that did eventually turn up to quote I am not so sure we didn’t succeed.

I know we are not alone in this phenomenon. Others around here have exactly the same response. The question of why, in a supposed building recession, there are no builders out there is a mystery that all of us who have tried to get repair work done, leaving us scratching our heads in confusion.

Eventually – by now a pair of balding and gibbering wrecks – we had the roof repairs done, and all was well…

Yes? Err… well actually … no. Not really.

During the time between November and May, in the wettest winter since forever, the plasterwork on two wall had quite literally fallen off the walls.

With the roof finally fixed, however, and the inside walls finally dried out we were able to ask our wonderful neighbour, Will, (who taught himself plastering after so many abortive attempts at getting builders to work on his own house) to come and work his plastering magic in our place. A voila!  Two beautifully restored walls only needing to dry and be painted and I shall have my bedroom back again.







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