On the Radio

I had a guest slot on Cre8 radio last night. I think it went well. Always hard to tell when 1523518_769380833093499_5605938718462798121_o
you are sitting in splendid isolation in the studio, chattering on like a numpty. It is cosy, certainly does not feel like being ‘out there’. It is a lot less scary than, say, a reading cafe or giving a workshop.
Those who know me know may be quite surprised to know that there was a time when I would not have considered anything quite so public!

Even giving a report to the parents of the Girl Guide company that I led was something that made me quite simply sick with dread. So what changed that terror of public speaking?

Perhaps having a daughter with aspergers had some bearing. You toughed out the public attention brought on by a child with no social boundaries whatsoever – or you never left the house. But somehow I feel it was more than that. I spent a lot of my working life in retail, as a bookseller, a librarian, as seller of motorbikes, as a locksmith and back to bookselling. Retail hardens you to the public gaze.

Or maybe (and  more likely) as you get older you just learn that life should be fun and getting stressed achieves nothing

Whatever the cure I did enjoy my two hours in the studio covering every topic going from music to writing though awards and publishing, Alchemy Press, Renegade Writers and reiki theory.

Radio is fun.
Embrace it.


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