Review for Alchemy Press Book of Ancient Wonders

A 4* review by Barry Lillie on Good Reads for  9bb99-awtiny
Alchemy Press Book of Ancient Wonders edited by Jan Edwards and Jenny Barber

Anthologies unlike novels always start off at a disadvantage, with a novel there’s just one author to appeal and/or please, with an anthology there’s several and just by the law of averages every contributor cannot guarantee to please each reader, so inevitably there’s that story that just doesn’t work for one reader while for another it’s a different tale.
For me there was one story that despite several attempts to read just didn’t work for me and another that albeit well written just lacked a real resolution and therefore left me disappointed at the end. I won’t name them as that would be unkind, but I will name the three that for me stood out. Ithica or Bust, The Satan Stones and The Sound of Distant Gunfire.

The remaining stories were all good examples of great storytelling, The Cauldron of Camulos, Ringfenced and If Street in particular. There’s a little of something for everyone between these pages, be it electronic or paper and despite my own personal preferences: isn’t it a good thing that we can all see something different and like a variation on a theme. I mean I love anchovies but many would turn up their noses, there’s little here to turn your nose up about.

Well edited to create a nice balance of differing sub-genres. So when you’re out fishing for a book, cast a line into this pool of tales and just shrug off the one that doesn’t bite and land and enjoy the one that takes your imaginary bait.


Also edited by Jan Edwards and Jenny Barber:
The Alchemy Press Book of Urban Mythic.
Watch out for The Alchemy Press Book of Urban Mythic:2 coming very soon!



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