May I present my May

I have a busy month ahead with writing and other ‘stuff’. may

Also lots going on over at  The Alchemy Press  (May newsletter here)   and whilst you are over there at Alchemy Towers sign up for the regular newsletter  here  

For me in particular the main news is that the submission window for Urban Mythic 2 has closed. Jenny (Barber) and I are busy wading through the slush pile even as I speak. From what we have seen so far the bar has set itself pretty high, so it promises to be another good one!

If you have not read The Alchemy Press Book of Urban Mythic:1 its available in Paper  and Kindle formats (other e versions are available).

On a more personal  level I am currently collating collections of my own previously published short fiction.  The first will be solely given to the supernatural. Ghosts and spirits in many forms. I had not realised I had written quite so many ghost stories, let alone had them accepted by so many erudite editors such as Ian Whates, Dean Drinkel, Jessica Weiss, Simon Marshall Jones, Theresa Derwin et al.  It is humbling.

I have another collection of a more general mix of sf, fantasy and horror, but that will not be arriving on anyone’s doorstep until next year.

I have two events of note coming up this month.

First is the art exhibition by the lovely Anne Nichols: Writer and Artist.

Anne has painted a series of pieces depicting the various faces of M.E. and fybromyalgia and will have an exhibition of the art on 12th May at The Salus Fatigue Foundation,Sutton Coldfield, Open Day.  Art exhibition by writer and artist Anne Nicholls on the subject of M.E. Salus ( is a charity supporting people M.E. a painful and life-limiting condition. What has that to do with me?  I shall be there in the name of art as one of the models being depicted!

My other date to note is the  MBS fair on the 12th May  at The Leopard, Burslem, Stoke on Trent where I shall be reiki-mastering, reading tarot and generally being awesome.

So many projects still to come and more news to be posted soon! For events beyond May got to my events page.

For all my Reiki news go here


for Rowangrove news go here






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