Men Drivers! Pah!

Look out of the window at 8.00 and see a council lorry parked in our driveway – so – I (middle-aged woman dressed in my slippers and dressing gown, with my as-yet uncombed red hair standing on end) stride out to  see what is what.

me: can I help you?
he: (goggling slightly and plainly getting nervous) No… we’re okay.
me: why are you parked on my driveway?
he: (pointing down street) well… we’re just working down the…
me: so why are you parked in my driveway?
he: because we are working…
me: down the street – and yet you are on my driveway. Did you ask permission to park here?
he: but… but…
me: (pointing at tarmac in front on me) My driveway.
he: yes, but we are working just down there, so…
me: my driveway – you didn’t ask. Leave. NOW!
he: (hurriedly starts lorry and leaves)

During all this time his older companion sitting in the passenger seat says… absolutely nothing… He just sits with head down, hard hat pulled low – studying his clip board…

Thought for the day? We really need to buy some parking posts.

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