Domino building

chimneyIT is a truth universally acknowledged, that anyone in possession of an old house must be in want of a builder.

It is also a sad fact of life that once you start a job – any job –  another half dozen will quickly make themselves apparent.

We have had a problem with the roof for a while. Water has been creeping in and wrecking the decor and it has been a herculean task to find a builder that will even bother to come out and quote, let alone carry out the work.

I have a personal theory that the combination of narrow steps, iron railings and long (steep) path, puts them off; the fact that every ounce of material needed to carry out work, and every scrap of detritus that is produced by it, has to be manhandled by bucket. No room for chutes and no access for barrows. Consequently they arrive with clipboard in hand to quote, take one look, and drive away without ever knocking on our door – never to be heard from again… But that is another issue.

Our problem has been the leaky roof. This week, finally, after numerous phone calls to many more builders than I care to count over the past six months…   We have finally managed to get a builder to carry out repairs. Tiles were replaced and a shaky chimney stack lowered and capped.

Good stuff.

But end of story?  NO!

We now have  a tonne (at a conservative estimate) of victorian cast-iron kitchen range to remove -the small antique range taking up kitchen space now being redundant due to the lack of chimney…

Removing the range, of course, will mean having to replace sections of stud walling, not to mention a  large chunk of floor for which we will not be able to buy matching ceramic floor tiles.

Move up a floor and the wall paper removed due to damp reveals plaster that will need all summer to dry out before we can redecorate…

One job leads inexorably to a half  dozen more.

Its going to  be a busy summer…

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