Glove or not to glove

Gardening – glove or not to glove – its a perennial question.

I spent yesterday afternoon tidying the borders in the front garden before I start mowing for the summer. These borders are filled with small shrubs and perennials and as I don’t/can’t dig over the whole border for fear of disturbing the more delicate inhabitants its a case of getting in there with hands and trowel; edging up the turf, loosening the soil compacted by the winter rains and waging war on my twin betes noir – the couch grass and the dandelion.grass

As the garden is sandy, and full of small stones, my hands are a mass of tiny nicks and cuts, never mind the stains to skin and nails that even bleach cannot remove.

Wear gloves, Peter tells me. But I can’t do that. Weeding with gloves on is like drinking tea with novocaine-mouth. You have no control.

Am I the only person that can’t ‘weed’ with gloves on?

Answers on a ten pound note, mailed to…

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