Time to watch

I was reading tarot at the Moot last night and my watch stopped.

Okay, yes, for those who know my ability to kill watches, mobile phones and any other battery operated item, this is no big deal. (If I ever need a Pacemaker I am monumentally bolloxed)

This morning I picked the watch up off the bedside table to throw it away… and said time piece – which cost me a measly £5 and really not worth getting a battery for – has resumed duties.  This is the third time it has ceased to function; only to start up again once it is away from my immediate sphere.

I have a conundrum.

Now that this this poor beleaguered item is merrily ticking away the seconds, minutes and hours all the while I am not wearing, do I buy a new watch or give it one last chance and save myself a fiver?

Decisions, decisions…


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