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Glove or not to glove

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Merry-Go-Round by Bryn Fortey – Latest Alchemy Title

In today – the latest title from The Alchemy Press

Merry-Go-Round and Other Words 

Bryn Fortey has enjoyed a lifelong flirtation with words. His first sale was “A Saleable 1001592_701483779874272_1019161823_nCommodity” to International Storyteller in 1969.  Bryn’s first horror story publication was “Prison” in David Sutton’s New Writings in Horror & The Supernatural 1 in 1971. The similarly titled New Writings in SF 28, edited by Ken Bulmer, included his first science fiction sale, “Wordsmith”, in 1976. Bryn’s poem “A Taxi Driver On Mars” was placed first in the Data Dump Awards for SF poems published in the UK during 2008 and was nominated for the American Rhysling Anthology the following year.

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Jonathan Oliver: Interviewed for Alchemy Press book of Urban Mythic

Read Jonathan Oliver in Alchemy Press Book of Urban Mythic

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Jan Edwards

In the run up to the publication of forthcoming titles  Alchemy Press books   will be posting short interviews with the various contributors of their autumn releases.

This week they are talking to Jonathan Oliver, josoon to appear in The Alchemy Press Book of Urban Mythic, edited by Jan Edwards and Jenny Barber.

Tell us a little about yourself and what you like to write.
By day I’m the editor-in-chief of three imprints, by night I tinker with my own words. Well, that isn’t technically true. I’m not vastly prolific so I sort of fit writing in, in bits and pieces when I can. Mainly in lunch-breaks. I like to write whatever takes me, to be honest. I tend towards the darker end of the spectrum, but of late my stories have often been slightly more hopeful.

What was it that inspired “White Horse”?
The White Horse at Uffington is…

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Root and Leaf

It is the Spring Solstice, and I know the weather is taking its traditional step back towards winter in honour of that fact.

But… I just checked the pots on the windowsill for signs of growth and noted an odd pale and fuzzy looking protruberance poking out of the soil next to a health looking squash seedling. Only closer inspection I realised that this robust specimen’s sibling was either a/ going back underground because it was cold, or b/ really confused in some fashion. What I was seeing was in fact the root array and a gentle tug revealed two healthy if a little pale leaves burrowing their way into the compost.

I was thinking that only in this house would seeds grow upside down, but apparently not when I found this image on a gardening page…


Roots, apparently obey gravity whilst leaves head for the sun, and seeds will right themselves very quickly.

That is the scientific explanation but both the writer and the pagan in me could not help thinking that maybe the act of germinating on a spring solstice day, where day and night are equal, had confused the poor thing.   Its food for fictional thought

Time to watch

I was reading tarot at the Moot last night and my watch stopped. Continue reading


A whole month since I last posted – (bad blogger!)

Finally decided that I need to use my skills out in the wider world – so  I do have a new sister-page  for you all to view – it is still under construction but take a  peek!