Competitive Yoga

If asked I would never have seen myself as competitive, but it appears that I am with myself at least.

Take Wii fit for example. After a bad spell with fibromyalgia over the past few months I thought ‘sod the doctors I am going to exercise and be damned, I just won’t to the jogging’ (Jogging was the reason I gave up on Wii back in september – I ended up  trying so hard to beat Guest E I spent the next three days prostrate with leg pain. (Not whinging – my own fault completely, I shall own up to that.)

‘This time’, I tell myself, ‘I will only use the Wii for yoga.’

solstice.jpgIts sounded good in my head. Some nice calming, gentle, exercise, you might think, and one that fits well with my meditational exercises. Yet this morning I realised my inner competitor had awoken once more as I found myself concentrating not on the meditative aspects in paying to homage to the inner temple, or bettering my general fitness. No Sir! I am out to beat my personal best every time.

This morning it was 98 for Warrior Pose, a personal best (Yah!) yet just 6 for Tree Pose (Boooo! (I fell over- twice)). So true, I had a reason for not doing as well on the latter and I told myself tomorrow morning will be better. I should have been pleased with the personal best of 98… I was pleased yes, but not satisfied.

Why? Because ‘Guest E had scored 99. There it was at number one spot metaphorically tap dancing on my head. 99 – I ask you! Okay a little competition is not so bad you may think, and having goals in life is admirable, but for one thing.

When I first got the Wii and had not got the hang of making my own avatar I used a guest slot, and that dastardly Guest E, who lords it over my Warrior inclinations… is ME!


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