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Genealogy jokes

Don’t you love all these genealogy sites that promise records relating to your ancestors? I have yet to find one of them that can tell me anything at all about my Dad’s family.  They assume you have some knowledge of the family at least as far back as grandparents  and if all you have is a name the road ends right there. Continue reading



Today I’m taking part in the #MyWritingProcess blog tour, where you follow a thread across the blogs of lots of different writers, who all answer the same questions about their writing. Continue reading

Alchemy Press Book of Urban Mythic:2 guidelines

Urban Mythic 2 is  open for submissions!

To submit your story read the guidelines on the Alchemy Press site Here 

0ad75-provisionalcoverAnd  for an even better  idea on what the editors (Jan Edwards and Jenny Barber) are looking for read The Alchemy Press Book of Urban Mythic (1)

Ladybird, ladybird, fly away home.

ladybirdYesterday I saw several ladybirds in the garden, and as I type there is a house fly sitting on the outside of my window (not the inside – because it’s a lot colder inside!). Continue reading

Competitive Yoga

If asked I would never have seen myself as competitive, but it appears that I am with myself at least. Continue reading

Freelance Underpayment

I had an update email from a freelance writers’ site with a variety of jobs on offer, and this one caught my eye. Continue reading

Subs window for Alchemy Press Book of Urban Mythic: 2 opens today.

So we (Jan Edwards and Jenny Barber) are off again as the submissions period for the Alchemy Press Book of Urban Mythic: Volume Two opens!

What do we want?

We want contemporary tales with all the magic and wonder of myth and legend, blending modern life with the traditions of folklore from around the world. Whether lurking in dark alleys or brash shopping malls, ensconced in upscale riverside penthouse lofts or humble suburban semis, we want to see the fantastic woven into the everyday. We want fiction that entertains but also pushes beyond the usual urban fantasy boundaries – action, folk tales re-imagined, mythic creatures adapting to the urban environment – be it noir, humour, dark, literary or light, there must be a recognisable mythic thread. Fully realised characters are a must and solid plots extremely desirable. 

And if you are still in doubt then reading Volume One is the best way to get a grip on what we look for  – available at:  Amazon UK / Amazon USA

Full guidelines for Vol. 2 are available HERE. Please DO read them before you send anything in. We shall look forward to reading everything when the window closes!
Good luck all!