Hotel Home Goal

Hotel  staff can vary so much from place to place; good bad and/or indifferent.

Today was one of those days when  a stunning piece of ‘how not to impress a customer’ was perpetrated. The hotel had provided refreshments in the form of tea and coffee kept ‘warm’ in thermos jugs and served in heavy duty (i.e. inch-thick) espresso-sized cups. For this they charged £1.50 a cup. Okay, we thought, hotel prices. ‘Waddya gonna do?’

First sip told us said  coffee was cold. Not iced, which would have been acceptable, but blood-heat and frankly rather nasty. When we went for a second cup an hour later and found it had degenerated to ‘tepid’ we made our feelings clear and politely requested a replacement. The fresh canisters of ‘hot’ beverage where little better. But only a little.

Ten minutes after that the floor manager sought us out, homing in on Caroline, bearing one of the teeny-tiny cups full of hot (sic) water, and demanding to know if it were she who had complained about cold coffee.

‘This water is hot,’ he assured her, holding the cup in his left hand with right hand against the cup. ‘Feel it. I can assure you it is hot.’

Well… a/ if he could hold his hand against the cup it clearly was not hot, and b/  if it had been as hot, as he claimed, what was he doing asking a member of the public to risk scalding themselves to prove  a point, and c/ what manager goes out of their way to tell a customer they are wrong?

What a numpty…

Caroline favoured him with her best withering glance and replied that, ‘No I am not ‘trying it’ and it does not matter what is in that cup. The coffee was cold.’

The manager said not another word, but turned tailed and fled – and the coffee trolley was wheeled away, never to return.

All I can say is, bit of a home goal, Best Western Inns. If anyone there had ever contemplated holding a function there at any time in the future…  They won’t now.


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