Post panel

I took the train down to Birmingham for the Andromeda One event, which was a good day of catching up with friends.

The two panels I spoke on seemed to go well.   My fellow panelists were all eloquent folk with a lot to say on the subjects given.

The first  was a panel on Steampunking Holmes with  some interesting views on the world of Sherlock Holmes delved into the social tropes of 19th century literature viewed from a 21st century perspective.

The second on small/indie presses covered so many topics I can’t recall most of them, but cover art was one that took up some considerable time. Should a cover echo similar ‘best sellers’ with similar content with marketing departments utilising tropes  (dripping knives for crime, skulls for horror or pink shoes for chic lit)?  Or do cliche covers actively deter some readers so that a book better served with innovative art work that catches the eye?

My personal preference is for unique art if only because the current trend for contemporary/urban fantasy for either simpering women in floaty frocks or skin tight leather pants is used so often  it is becoming harder and harder to tell these titles apart at a glance so that I often can’t recall which ones I have read – and end up buying  none.   But maybe that is just me…

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