Andromeda One – Birmingham

I am looking forward to Andromeda One at the Custard Factory in Birmingham this Saturday (21st September).


I have been asked to appear on two panels.  The Role of the Small and Indie Press with Simon Marshall-Jones,Theresa Derwin, Mark West and Adrian Middleton  and Steampunking Sherlock: with Mike Chinn, Misa Buckley and Theresa Derwin.   

It always a feels strange to be up there with all eyes on the stage and I’d be fibbing if I didn’t admit I find it a little daunting.  But with age comes something akin to confidence.

The young teenage me would not have dared. I admired the fearless souls learning lines and tramping the stage, but much as I would have loved to take part the one time I tried I froze – rabbit in the headlights – and that was just the try-outs!

Volunteering as backstage crew for school plays did not happen by chance. I had realised quite early on that if you got in first as an enthusiastic stage-hand nobody asked you to ‘read’ for anything but being part of the production was of paramount importance. A love of the stage and theatre you might think. Well partly. My main objection to stage appearances, to be fair, was that our school had a penchant for musicals, and I can neither sing nor dance.  The  main advantage lay in the small fact that being in the dramatics society  meant I could miss double-maths on wednesday afternoons for almost a full month! 

Thankfully for all of you Theresa and Adrian haven’t introduced filking of any kind so there is no danger anyone being exposed to my dire warbling – though if there was a panel on how to stun fish with sound waves I’d be your main girl! And so far as I know there are no maths seminars, so I think I am also pretty safe.

It promises to be a good day out and hopefully I shall see a lot of you there.

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