Workshops and Cafes

Last week was a busy one and I am only just catching up on myself.

Firstly there was the Story Cafe at the Gladstone Pottery Museum , a combined event for Renegade Writers, Room in the Roof Writers and Newcastle Library Writers.

A rather spiffing evening with full piccies at the links above!

Reading to an audience is nerve racking however many times you do it, added to which I know full well that I gabble at the best of times.  My father always insisted I was ‘vaccinated with a gramophone needle’ – and he had a point. I can rattle at an alarming rate. That was brought home quite forcibly when I listened to the recorded interview on Radio Stoke recently where I read a small section of fiction. I had a hard time keeping up, and I knew what I had been saying!

So…  when it came to last week’s event there was a lot of practice involved before hand, and marking of my script  with dashes and slashes, a la King’s Speech,  in a vague attempt at slowing myself down to something approaching normal hearing ranges.

The workshops (also at the Gladstone with the same writing groups – two days of writerly goodness) taught me another lesson. Leading a workshop on short fiction, along with Peter, I quickly realised that I had far more material prepared than I would ever be able to get through! People were kind and said they enjoyed the workshop so I didn’t do so very bad.

Lesson of the week is probably has to be chill out, man. Don’t over do ‘stuff”.

Whether I have learned the lesson is another matter, but I had a lot of fun in the meantime.

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