Catching up

I promised myself  some time ago  I would be a good little writer and  blog every week, and as always life gets in the way.  That and wondering what in hell to say. Am I the only one who has that problem?

The market stall is going well, with plenty to do and an interesting lesson in people watching. There  is a forcefield around the shop door, I swear.  Rowangrove  sells candles and incense and what  can only be called esoteric stuff, and in a very conservative town it has an interesting effect on some of the locals. The most interesting being said forcefield which apparently operates across our door and keeps the less alternative folks at bay.

Either people bounce of it,  as though they have hit an exceptionally large jelly, or they stand with toes just touching the edge of our carpet, and lean.  It reminds me of those silents where Keaton or Chaplin would tip at 45 degrees or more without falling down.

They (the locals – not Keaton et al) seem desperate to know what these crazy women are up to in there but terrified for their immortal soul if they set one toe over the threshold.
As Sheldon might say: interesting.

And on that note I  am off
!   (For today anyway. I shall be back – honest.)


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