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Urban Mythic TOC

Urban Mythic TOC now finalisedfa9c3-provisionalcover

Introduction –  Jan Edwards & Jenny Barber

 1-      Ian Whates – Default Reactions    

2-      Gaie Sebold – Underground

3-      James Brogden – The Smith of Hockley

4-      Graham Edwards – A Night to Forget

5-      Joyce Chng  – Dragon-Form Witch

6-      Mike Resnick – The Wizard of West 34th street

7-      Anne Nicholls  -The Seeds of a Pomegranate

8-      Adrian Tchaikovsky – Family Business

9-      Jaine Fenn  – Not the Territory

10-  Christopher Golden – Under Cover of Night

11-  Zen Cho – Fish Bowl

12-  Kate Griffin – An Inspector Calls

13-  Jonathan Oliver – White Horse

14-  Alison Littlewood – The Song of the City



(may be subject to alteration)


New Blog for Jan Edwards

This is my new home folks!

Finding Blogger a little frustrating with its tendency to lose things in the mists of time I have taken the plunge and migrated to Word Press.

Blogger will be the archive for a while for the older posts but bookmark and follow from here – and thank you for reading what I have to say.

Alchemy Press titles for Autumn 2013

A quick update on the exciting new titles you can look forward to from The Alchemy Pressthis autumn!  

To be launched at World Fantasy Convention 2013 in Brighton.

The Alchemy Press Book of Urban Mythic:fa9c3-provisionalcover

 Editors Jan Edwards and JennyBarber
Cover art – Ben Baldwin
James Brogden – The Smith of Hockley
Joyce Chng – Dragonform Witch
Graham Edwards – A Night to Forget
Jaine Fenn – Not the Territory
Christopher Golden – Under Cover of Night
Kate Griffin – An Inspector Calls
Alison Littlewood – The Song of the City
Anne Nicholls – The Seeds of a Pomegranate
Jonathan Oliver – White Horse
Mike Resnick – The Wizard of West 34th street
Gaie Sebold – Underground
Adrian Tchaikovsky – Family Business
Ian Whates – Default Reactions
(alphabetical order)

The Alchemy Press Book of Pulp Heroes 2: Editor Mike Chinn

Cover art – Les Edwardsph2
Pandora’s Box – Chico Kidd
The Flier – Bryn Fortey
Griffon’s Gamble – Arch Whitehouse
Night Hunter – Pauline E Dungate
Meeting at the Silver Dollar – Marion Pitman
The Monster of Gorgon – Ian Hunter
Dragon’s Breath – Anne Nicholls
The Law of Mars – Robert William Iveniuk
The Penge Terror – William Meikle
Ula and the Black Book of Leng – Andrew Coulthard
The Sons of Crystal City – Martin Gately
Kiss the Day Goodbye – Adrian Cole
Do Not Go Gently – Stuart Young
The Incarceration of Captain Nebula – Mike Resnik

Editor Allen Ashleyastrologica
Cover art – Dani Serra
Aspects of Aries – David Turnbull
Taurus – The White Bull Ranch by Christine Morgan
Gemini – The Sun and the Moon by Bob Lock
Gemini – Star-crossed by Stuart Young
Cancer – Ragged Claws by Joel Lane
Leo – The Yellow Fruit by Ralph Robert Moore
Virgo – The Third Face of Virgo by Adam Craig
Libra – The Order of the Scales by Storm Constantine
Scorpio – Cookie by Jet McDonald
Capricorn – Broken Horn by Doug Blakeslee
Sagittarius – Dark Matters by Megan Kerr
Aquarius – Deep Draw by Neil Williamson
Pisces – The Prize by David McGroarty
Pisces – The Fishman by Mark David Campbell

Doors To Elsewhere Mike Barrett
Collected essays on 20th century horror 1044065_582055381817113_1168369280_n
and fantasy writers by Mike Barrett.
Cover art Bob Covington.

Includes essays on:

Arkham House
Clifford Ball
Marjorie Bowen
Ernest Bramah
Mary Elizabeth Counselman
F Marion Crawford
Lord Dunsany
Fritz Leiber
Greye La Spina
C L Moore
G G Pendarves
Theodore Sturgeon
C Hall Thompson
Edward Lucas White
Henry S Whitehead

ANDROMEDA ONE – One Day SF Event – Guest List

I shall be at the Andromeda One event in Birmingham in September!


Andromeda One is a one-day SF, fantasy and horror convention taking place on Saturday 21st September 2013.
GUESTS OF HONOUR include Paul Cornell and Jaine Fenn.
Plus sessions with an impressive range of speakers: Chris Amies, Jacey Bedford, Misa Buckley (SFR) Mike Chinn, Theresa Derwin, Jan Edwards (Alchemy Press & Editor/Writer) Janet Edwards SF Writer, Simon Marshall-Jones of Spectral Press, Adrian Middleton, Mark West and Ian Whates.
The day kicks off at 11am but there will be early bird kaffe klatches from 08:30am and a dealer’s room from 09:00am
Taking place at the Custard Factory in Birmingham, it brings together a host of science-fiction, fantasy and horror writers and publishers for a day loaded with book launches, kaffeeklatches, panels, signings, workshops and much more.
Single Tickets are £25 each; Group Tickets (for up to five people) are £100.
Book your tickets HERE

Kneeling in the Silver Light – Submissions window details

The cover art for Kneeling in the Silver Light: Stories from the Great War, edited by Dean M Drinkel, The Alchemy Press, has just been revealed!

Expected publication date 2014

The artwork and cover design are (c) Chris Rawlins (click here for his DeviantART page).
Sub mission window for this anthology opens next month.
For details go to the Alchemy Press page HERE
Kneeling In The Silver Light: Stories From The Great War – a horror / dark fantasy anthology commemorating the 100 year centenary of the outbreak of the Great War (World War One)
Editor Dean M Drinkel is looking for the very best stories set in / during / around the Great War. Originality is key and he is not particularly looking for run-of-the-mill war stories, though tales can be set on European battlefields, trenches, war-rooms, etc,
He is also keen  to read anything non-English  speaking writers (i.e.  French, German, Italian etc) but stories must be written in English. Fully realised characters are a must and solid plots extremely desirable.
Submission period runs from 1 August to 1 December 2013. Do not submit outside of those dates.
For full guidelines go to
Kneeling in the Silver Light: Stories From The Great War will be a paperback edition published in 2014, to be followed by an ebook edition.
Send all submissions and correspondence to Dean M Drinkel at dean  at

In the Broken Birdcage of Kathleen Fair by Cate Gardner – an Alchemy Press novella

Now out from The Alchemy Press!Birdcage 120KB
In the Broken Birdcage of Kathleen Fair
By Cate Gardner

When the mirror released Kathleen into the unknown, for the briefest of moments she giggled and realised that she’d never laughed before. She had been a blank canvas, sitting and waiting in a room and occasionally bouncing from wall to wall desperate for freedom – and now she was out. White walls no longer surrounded her. In this new place, a thousand mirrors spun reflecting worlds. The first in The Alchemy Novella Series Available in Kindle format via Amazon. Only £1.35 For the ePub version contact The Alchemy Press