Words on Repeat.

My first radio interview last night on CRE8 Radio in Stoke – and I have survived, more or less intact!

 Self-promotion is a big thing for any writer these days, and this was the first time I had ventured onto the air waves. I fondly imagined I was being quite careful about the words I used on air.
Presenter Paul Oldfield, along with engineer, Tim Vickerstaff, and the lovely Rosie, all made me feel at home. I gabbled on to Paul as I do, never one to be at a loss for words.
There was time to plug various writing projects.
There was time for my choice of music. Though two of the three songs I had suggested could not be found, but then having been out of step all my life why would music be any different? I was never likely to pick something anybody knew… They did find ‘How Come’ by Ronny Laine – but commented that even that was harder to obtain than they imagined.
There was time to read out a snippet of ‘Bone Wary’ from the A-Z Cities of Deathantho (with all four-letter words omitted for radio use.)
I thought it went pretty well.
But… unbeknownst to me, that terrible affliction ‘word of the moment’ had struck me down. I am quite rabid about repeat words in my fiction, but my brain has a nasty habit of playing tricks on me in real time.
You know the thing I am talking about. That WORD that you come up with every few minutes without realising it. Verbal punctuation that creeps in whilst you think about what else you want to say. The stock reply. The breathing space.
The word ‘But’ is a firm favourite with many, or ‘Actually’.  ‘Yeah’, ‘So’… you know the kind of thing.  That word or phrase that has crept into your consciousness and hangs around ready to leap in at the slightest excuse.
My word of the moment, it turns out, is ‘Absolutely.’
Oh well. It could have been worse… ‘Innit.

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