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Sex, Lies and Family Ties – review

Sex, Lies and Family Ties – review

Another excellent review for Sex, Lies and Family Ties on Amazon

Available in hard copy, Kindle and other e-formats

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Alchemy Press Book of Ancient Wonders – Kindle

Here at last!

The Alchemy Press Book of Ancient Wonders in Kindle format is now available from Amazon HERE

Containing fiction by:
Karri Sperring – Introduction
Adrian Tchaikovsky – Bones
James Brogden – If Street
Shannon Connor Winward – Passage
Pauline E. Dungate – One Man’s Folly
Anne Nicholls – Dragonsbridge
Peter Crowther – Gandalph Cohen and the Land at the End of the Working Day
Misha Herwin – The Satan Stones
Lynn M. Cochrane – Ringfenced
Bryn Fortey – Ithica or Bust
Adrian Cole – The Sound of Distant Gunfire
William Meikle – The Cauldron of Camulos
John Howard – Time and the City
Selina Lock – The Great and Powerful
Aliette de Bodard – Ys

“Entertaining, fresh and easy to read “– Fortean Times, Feb 2013

For other e-formats contact Alchemy Press direct here 
review copies available – contact Alchemy Press with details of your reviewing site or magazine.

Grimm and Grimmer : Princess and the Pea

Grimm and Grimmer is now available in Kindle format!

with hard copy version to follow soon!

“Once Upon a Time, there was . . . a big tower with a girl called Rapunzel trapped inside. Have you ever thought about all of the unusual buildings in fairytales and nursery rhymes and who would have designed them? If you want to know who, well, find out in ‘Building the Dream’ by Lynda Collins.

And while you’re questioning these fairy tales, did you ever wonder how the Princess managed to feel that pea under all of those mattresses? Was there some sort of conspiracy to gain the throne? You only have to read Jan Edwards’ ‘Princess Born’ to find out.

And for that matter, what about the poor bears who had their home invaded? How do the bears feel? And who are the invaders. All questions, which can be answered in ‘A Taste of Honey’ by Theresa Derwin.

As for the Beast – well, is the Beast good or evil? Did the witch who changed him into a beast do something good or something bad? In ‘Beast’ Hannah Lackoff seeks to explore these issues, and maybe muddy the waters even more.
In ‘Gretel’s Way’ by Colin Fisher, we meet a Gretel who is immediately feisty, sarcastic, and quite aware of the absurdity of her situation, and the Witch was more than a little obsessive compulsive.
And finally, in ‘Pork Hammy and Chop’ we meet William Meikle’s version of ‘The Three Little Pigs’ where anything can happen!
If you enjoy reading fairy tales that twist and surprise, then ‘Grimm and Grimmer: Volume One’ is for you. Step into our world of fairy tales retold.,,”